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The second largest travel guide publisher in Germany, „Michael Müller Verlag“, writes for a very broad target group.The readership consists of individual travellers between 30 and 70 years of age who value their own experience and travel on their own without the help of package tour providers.
The travel guides are aimed at both backpackers and people who are looking for a little more luxury. They all have in common that they are looking for information and experiences that are far away from the stereotype.

The magazine „kraut & rüben“ is primarily aimed at environmentally conscious readers who strive for a healthy lifestyle and also want to protect nature. 

Organic gardening, DIY, garden care and garden design are just some of the areas of interest to the readership. The magazine provides advice and information on topics related to hobby gardening, the design of ornamental and kitchen gardens, organic nutrition and eco-friendly lifestyles.
The aim of the magazine is to present the topics in a clear, user-oriented and varied way and to support the readers in their ecologically oriented interaction with nature.

The magazine „tauchen“ deals with all facets of diving and is therefore primarily aimed at divers. The magazine is aimed at diving beginners as well as diving professionals. The articles are correspondingly diverse.
The average age of the readership is 52. Slightly more men than women (57% vs. 43%) enjoy the magazine, and the net household income and educational level of the readers is in the upper social range.  The interests of the readers are diverse. They want to get to know countries and cultures, are willing to travel, and are prepared to invest a lot in appropriately required equipment. In addition, a great interest in technology and at the same time an active environmental awareness are on display.


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